MP4 files recorded by different cameras or devices may have different formats and codecs (A codec is how the device or computer program that encodes or decodes the video and audio data stream). Even the same camera, the recorded video files are slightly different when you use different frame rates and resolutions. It is very hard to manually repair the mp4 file when it is corrupted. provides an easy way to fix corrupted mp4 video files. It requires 2 video files -- one reference video file that in good condition and one corrupt video file to repair. VideoRepair uses the reference video file to know the detail of the camera configuration and video file structure and codec, and that is very helpful to get the corrupted video file fixed. The repair process is fully automatic and the only thing you need to do is upload the 2 video files, after a few seconds or several minutes, the repaired video file will be available for download.

Some situations that an MP4 video file may be corrupted:

  • 1. Power and battery issue:

    When you are using your camera or drone to record videos, if the battery is used up, or the device loses power for any reason (e.g. shock, or drone crashes), the recorded video is not completed which results in a broken video file. Usually, the broken video file cannot play because it does not have a completed file structure and misses the key metadata for the video player program to playback.

  • 2. Firmware and software problem:

    Most software programs have bugs. The recorded mp4 file is not playable due to the program does not write proper data or structure to the file. MP4 file is highly compressed and some bad data clips may cause the file unusable.

  • 3. Storage media problem:

    The mp4 video data is recorded on hard drives or memory cards. If some storage units (sectors) of the hard drive or SD card have some issue, the mp4 video file may lose key information and it will become broken or corrupted.

  • 4. Data recovery from disks and SD card:

    If you formatted the memory card or deleted some files from hard drive, then you use some data recovery software or memory card recovery software to recover the lost video files from the card, it is very common that the video files cannot play due to fragment data, or other useless data is mixed in.

Steps to Fix Corrupt MP4 File


  • Step 1 - Upload a reference file and the corrupted video file on The reference file is a good and playable file and recorded by the same camera with your corrupted video, preferably use the same camera settings (e.g. same resolution and frame rate). Only a web browser is needed. No software or app download is required.

  • Step 2 - VideoRepair engine will analyze the reference file and fix the corrupted video file in the cloud. The data transfer between your computer and the server is encrypted and the video cannot be inspected by third-party. The repair process is by machine. After repair, the video file will be deleted from the server automatically in 3 hours. Or you may choose to delete the file immediately after download it.

  • Step 3 - After the repair completes, VideoRepair will report the repaired video duration and preview of the thumbnail of the video file for your download.

Tips to avoid video file corruption


 VideoRepair has a very high success rate but like any data recovery software or service, it is not always 100% success. It is important to make sure your device battery has enough power, and avoid taking very important videos in low power. Also, try to update your device's firmware or software to the latest stable version (not using the beta version). If you need to record a long video, it’s best to save them as several segments. Backup is always recommended. Saving your recorded videos to a second card, or external hard drive regularly is a good practice.